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Our Core Values

We are open, honest and direct with each other, our consumers and Investors. We keep our commitments.

We require individual and group accountability in delivering the very best services in our industry. We utilize accurate dates to set our goals, drive our performance and measure our achievements.

We maintain our consumer focus as the reason our company exists. We listen, we care and take action.

We believe in succeeding as a team. We do this through our strong drive for results with our desire for healthy professional relationships. We believe in open doors and open minds while working hand and hand with the community. 

With a grounding in our past, we look to the future by supporting the ideas of our team members. We welcome opportunities which support our informed risk taking culture.




Our Philosophy 


S & T WeCare believes that every person deserves a chance to be successful by changing negative behaviors. Through counseling and education. Most children learn new behaviors, with family and  person centered planning, rehabilitative programs, consistent therapy and positive social interactions, change will occur.


The professional staff at S & T WeCare will provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where each client can reach their fullest potential and independence is encouraged to help the child understand themselves and develop personal skills to cope more effectively in their families, schools and community inclusion.


Some residential services are provided in a child’s home community, to promote the achievement of long-term stability that comes from a sense of belonging. Children and adolescents served in the most natural and community settings appropriate to their needs are more likely to maintain or develop positive family and community connections and to achieve other lasting, positive

outcomes which builds on thestrengths of individuals, and address each person’s cultural and linguistic needs to function better at home, in school, in the community and throughout life. 







  • You can't cope with daily life

  • You feel sad, stressed or worried

  • You are not sleeping or eating well

  • You have a deep sense of hopelessness

  • You are troubled by strange thoughts or are hearing voices

  • You have ADD/ADHD

  • You need help because your child has behavior problem

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