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Our 12 hour Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention (CBI) Program designed to work with youth or persons cited or arrested for a misdemeanor violations such as shoplifting, larceny, simple assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. Clients will also reqired to complete a community services project  prior to completion of class. Upon successfully completing the program clients will receive a certificate that they or their parents can take back to court or school in order for the charge to be dismissed. The total cost for the entire program is $250.00. Clients can secure their spot in a class online or by scheduling a in-person registration appointment.

Contact us to Register (910)-826-2273

Program Info

We offer Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention (CBI) Program classes on Tuesdays and Thurdsays for youth ages 10-17 and on Saturdays for adults ages 18-24.

We specialize in working with youth, young adults, and college students.  Our hope is that we maintain a safe environment that caters to people who are not accustom to getting in trouble but just made a bad choice that lead them to the criminal justice system.

Clients enrolled in the class will be exposed to a variety of experiential learning tools including evidence-based workbooks, guest presenters, videos, group projects, and games that assist them with making future positive choices around substance abuse, life skills and decision making. 

The goal of the course is not to tell clients what to do but inform them on the negative consequences if they choose to make negative choices.

Please dowload application below and fill it out and bring form to intake session.



Community Service

It is the responsibility of each juvenile to find, secure, and complete their own community service hours. The minimum number of hours needed is 10 hours for the teen (ages 13-17) program and 5 hours for the pre-teen (ages 10-12) program. Adults ages 18-24 will have to complete 15 hrs of community service.

All community service locations need to be approved by the Diversion staff. Participants can choose his/her own location site. You may choose one, or as many different locations as needed to complete the total hours required.

Acceptable locations include local non-profits, senior centers, food shelf’s, churches, hospitals, schools, community centers, libraries, etc.                           
Unacceptable locations include working for a business or working for a current employer for no cost. It is unacceptable to perform duties for family, friends or neighbors.                     
Written verification of the completed hours is necessary for completion of the program.  Partcipants  required to have all service hours completed by the last class, before graduation.


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